More work, less holidays


God damit.

So the last month I have been pretty busy in work. I was covering a job for a co-worker while she went on holiday for a month. It was a fairly big job, I may have mentioned before, but it was easy enough. Lot of work, simple steps to follow, don't fuck anything up along the way. Why do it? So that my manager thought I was able to handle the big jobs and to try and get a step up the ladder towards a bigger wage.

Of course this resulted in one small problem. Doing this job along with all my usual jobs while at the same time keeping the stupid useless bastard that works with our group out of trouble.

Overall it was an insanely busy month that was meant to be over this Halloween. I had to perform one last job, monitor things during this week, and everything was going to calm down.

Not to mention that I have sixteen days left annual leave and I have to take them before Christmas. My plan was to take next week off.

Except now stupid pain in the ass useless gimpo that couldn't fucking work a computer if he was paid to (and he is) pulled a masterful little stunt today and now I have to cover his work because he will be too busy doing fuck all.

Meaning that I am now busy all over again for this month, right up until Dec 1st.

No holidays for me.

I am not entirely sure how I ended up with so many days unused. Anybody that knows me will tell you that working is not something I tend to enjoy. In fact I work harder trying to not work than I do work. Now it seems that I have worked myself right out of holiday time.

Poxy step up that ladder better come through or else the jester shall be moving on!


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