Jester 2.0


Right, so. Work has kinda calmed down a little. This Friday we have to power off our entire lab which means that the weekend is mine to do with as I please because no lab power means no way I can be called in to do work.

The gimp tried to tell me today that he had to work a fifteen hour day during the week. I kindly pointed out that I was doing similar nearly everyday of October, including weekends, and he shut up quick smart!

Still no webcomic, I know! But, I have enlisted the help of two other buddies that draw to work on that little project so things are happening even if you can't see it. Also I plan on making a second website for the comics, rather than link them off here, because that way more of a community thing can develop.

Still working on the brother's website, but he isn't pestering me about that so I am cooling my heels a little.

Nearly finished my first draft of my book. Rewriting is going to be a bitch but has to be done. Not to mention I might be able to get my week off work, just not next week, because a person that has been on holidays for the last month is coming back next week (middle of) and I will just jump at the chance to get cover on my jobs and chill for a week.

All work and no play makes jester become unhinged.



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