So, the other day, the gimp that I laughingly have to call a co-worker (and I use worker in a very loose way here because if a person could manage to do less work it would be impressive) tried his best to be my "go to guy" with regards the job I had just gotten from him. In no uncertain terms I told him that I think I had a handle on things and didn't need his help, but thanks for the offer.

After all it is nice to be nice, even to gimps.

Later during the day he actually came down to me and asked me if I either had a script (small program that does a simple job) that would do his job or could be modified to do his job. He actually asked if I had some code lying around to make his life easier, after shafting me only three days before.

The other guys in the cubicle tried their best to hold the laughter in until he went away empty handed. Never before has somebody asked me to write a program to replace them. Even lemmings have a little survival instinct!

Bloody twat.


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