Free Car...


...any takers? Only ten owners. No longer has a working engine but is fully able to occupy space in a garden. No? Nobody? Once owned by The Jester?

Well I tried.

I am trying to get rid of the old car that up and died. Yes, that happened many moons ago but I am too busy the last few weeks to get time to sort out the final resting place of the damn thing.

Luckily I have next week off. All my hard work, my long stint in the office the other day, the covering important type jobs that I really had no clue about. All that has paid off and I am allowed to take next week off.

I cannae wait!

I will write, I will draw, I will waste time on the xbox 360 that I bought on an impulse. I will unwind. Most importantly I will do nothing work related unless somebody from work sends me a chat online and it better be a chat and not a work related question.

It's gonna be great!

Yes, still no webcomic. Designs next week. Honest. Hell I still have to work on the brother's website. Maybe someday I will have nothing to do.

Jesus, that's a scary thought!


Tags: rant

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