Roll on next week


I am really bad this week. I have done no writing at all since the weekend and the book is so near finished as well. I have no excuse either. Well that isn't entirely true, last night I met up with a mate at a pub in the city and we left at closing time. Fun and pints were had by all.

I haven't even started any new comedy material. It's just plain disgraceful.

Don't even get me started on the lack of drawing I have been not doing. Overall I am a disgrace at my hobbies.

But next week, oh bring on next week. I can't wait.

I finally figured out, about two minutes ago, why I haven't taken a break from work until now.

The last break I had involved far too much drama and bad shit happening to be called a break. I came home and just threw myself into my work to get lost, to not have to stop and think and deal with what happened on the "holiday". Add to the fact that other bad shit going on in my life has finally started to get to me and being the idiot that I am I don't like to push that onto the three friends that have had to listen to a lot of it over the last while. Plus it is bugging me that some people I thought were my friend, people I have been there for a lot when they needed a shoulder or oversized ear, have not been there when I needed them.

The chicken soup that is my mind obviously thought the best way to deal with the badness, to not be a burden to my few good friends, was to lose myself in my job. Obviously not the right step but hindsight is a great thing.

But next week...oh man, bring it on. I shall write, draw, read, do nothing work related, get rid of the old jester mobile and have the new one repaired. It'll be great.

Of course I shall also have alone time to think, which might not be good, but who knows.


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