Poxy Mechanics!


There appears to be two types of mechanic in this world. Nice ones that want to help you and total arseholes that get their jollies from making you feel like an idiot.

A little background information. The Jester knows very little about cars. I can drive one, I understand how the engine works in principal, how the gears work in principal. I can change the oil, fill it with petrol, replace bulbs and understand a little about the electrics. I am, what you might call, a car owner. Like the vast majority of drivers out there, I use the tool that is at my hands and when it breaks more than my knowledge understands I will seek help.

So why, when I bring my car to a nearby garage yesterday, I was a little pissed with the attitude the mechanic gave me.

I drive up, get out, can't see an office for new custom so I just happened to ask a nearby mechanic where do I go to drop the car in. He asks me what's wrong with it. I go ahead and tell him as best I can, that the car is jumping from time to time rather than driving smoothly.

This clearly didn't satisfy the arsehole I was dealing with. He started asking me about pistons, the clutch, various out mechanical questions that I would have no idea about. I told him as best I can and he was just plain rude and looked down on me for not knowing the exact issue with the car.

Newsflash dickhead, I came to you, the supposed expert, because I have no idea what is actually wrong. All I can provide you with is information based on what I know has happened.

Long story...longer...I dropped it down this morning. A different mechanic was there to take the car from me. I told him exactly what I had told arsehole number one and this guy understood and just took the car from me.

Bloody mechanics!


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