Fast Week


Jaysus this week has flown by. Must be something to that whole "Time Flies" phrase. Then again having no concept of time at all will probably help there too.

I am nearly finished writing the first draft of my book. One more chapter to write and that is it finished. Then onto the rewrite. Plot touch up, grammar mistakes, all that good stuff. But at least this time there are enough backups in circulation so that if my computer decides to be funny again I won't loose my work.

I repaired the USB ports on my pc as well, which I am very happy with. After it died a month or so ago I had lost the two USB 2 ports in the front, which meant a lot of my gadgets like my DVD burner were not working as best they could using the ports in the back. But now the system is fully back up and running. Plus I have my xbox and desktop running off my LCD screen with the help of a handy little switch that I picked up for three euro. It doesn't look pretty but it does the job and that is all that matters.

Car is still in the garage. I am going to have to call them tomorrow and see what the story is. I kind of need it back for work on Monday. No way in hell am I going to get the bus in and out, forget it.

Also have to go and buy a television license tomorrow. The dude came around to the apartment tonight to check if we have one and gave us our six weeks notice. In fairness we have been here nearly a year without one so it was bound to happen. I just don't like the idea of parting with 160 Euro for a service that provides very little entertainment. Not to mention that we get the television through our broadband subscription, so there is very little that we are paying for. If only there was some way that we could request for Rte to not be on our channels, then they wouldn't have anything to charge us for. This month I don't think I have actually seen any of my wages with all the bills and the rent. Roll on pay day, which means I will just have money to spend on Christmas presents.

Jesus this is a depressing time of the year. It's all expense!

Oh and to simplify the above computer stuff for one particular reader of the bauble: Something was broken, I fixed it, now it all works again. That should help keep it going over your head.


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