Back to the grindstone


Garh, first day back I had to hit the ground running. Mountain of work had built up while I was away and the old intern didn't exactly help to keep the wolves from the door.

I think I just mixed up a metaphor there, who knows.

I have just about finished my book. Few more pages and it is done and dusted, month break from it, then into the rewrites. I have one chapter that needs a major overhaul, but not just yet.


Anyway, my brother has found a site that makes t-shirts. Nothing new about that, but this one runs a constant contest for new designs. Winner gets a wad of cash and vouchers for use on the site. I have been enlisted and have also enlisted a friend to design up t-shirts. We have two so far, the brother is submitting them and going to find other sites that run a similar deal. If they get selected I will link them here. I might bring back the pictures section of the site as well and upload the designs as I make them.

Other news, I am slightly high. I had a minor headache on the way and took two Syndol, which are heavy duty migraine tablets. Turns out it wasn't a migraine on the way just a normal headache. Should make the drive home very entertaining.


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