Right, chapter one has been rewritten. There wasn't a whole lot to do in it, but it is done nonetheless. I have also enlisted two people to become my official "pester" people. They are to keep pestering me when they want to read another chapter of the book, that way I will work on the rewrites with the goal being to shut the pestering up. Hopefully I won't need to rely on it, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I am no doubt going to regret it.

In other news I finished the design for the t-shirt contest, now the brother is submitting it. It involved a little back and forth over the Internet to get shit right but he likes it so much it has become his desktop background so I think I met the target on that one.

Finding it very hard to sleep these days. I haven't got anything bothering me or on my mind before anybody suggests that, it's just I can't seem to get tired before one in the morning. It's really annoying. What's worse is the fact that I am tossing around the bed until after two. Then get up the next morning, tired, do my days work and come home still not tired enough to sleep at a normal time.

One thing that is pissing me off. I was meant to get moved up a grade in work, which would come with a wage increase, and have busted my balls the last six months to make sure my review was geared towards that raise. Pulling twelve hour days, coming in to power up the lab, volunteering for the crap projects and working extra hard on my other stuff. Now it appears to all be for nothing. I know the company isn't exactly making cash and I know that I at least have a job. But I was told in June that I would definitely get my grade increase in Jan, now to be told that that isn't happening. So why exactly did I do all that extra work? It is going to be forgotten, because in my group the higher ups generally forget what they said last week, and I will have to do it all again next time around.

I am a little pissed off working in a job that doesn't reward you for your efforts but damn sure punishes you the second you slip up even a little. Time to start hunting around I think. I know people making more cash than me doing less work with less pressure. Got to start thinking about this work life balance shit.

Hell if I keep going the way I am in the current job I will burn out before I hit 27.


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