Bloody Germans


They should all be banned from every attending a comedy event ever again. No wonder the bastards lost two wars.

I was in Neptune last night, it being Friday, and was meeting up with a mate from college. Just as I arrived the club runner comes up, shakes my hand, and asks what slot do I want. So being insane I took the third slot, filling in for somebody that had pulled out at the last minute. Only problem was that I had no material in my head and had to remember jokes fast.

I get up on stage, start to shoot out the material, messed up a few gags, and got off stage. It was a a really tough crowd, not to mention that the MC wasn't exactly the best at warming up the crowd for the acts. So I got up and had about seven Germans sitting in front of me, not laughing at anything that anybody said all night long. It just made the whole thing worse.

I didn't so much die on my arse as just plain out and out die. But, gig number six, still got a good few laughs so that is a win in my books. The night I get not one single laugh will be a bad night.

So the plan is to now start writing new material and be prepared for a crowd of Germans that haven't got a funny bone amongst them.


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