Does anyone even care about the title?


Blargh, it's a word.

Two chapters rewritten so far and then I hit "writer's couldn't be bothered" which means chapter three has sort of stalled a little during rewrite. I probably should have stuck with my whole "take a month away from the story" plan, but when do I ever listen to myself.

After much emailing back and forth with my brother we finally have a design worthy of sending in for t-shirt creation. I even came up with a funny joke today in work, this will be the next design.

"But Jester," I don't here you say "what about this webcomic?"

Well see here is the thing. Turns out my drawing skills were rustier than my pubes, so I have had to practise drawing all over again. With these t-shirts I have gotten back into the habit of drawing what is in my head first time. Plus it is great practise for using the tablet, because I am getting pretty good and drawing what was on paper onto my computer.

I also have a plan for more comedy material and my next gig. But more on that when it happens.


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