Wrong Job


I am just sitting here eating my breakfast and working on a new t-shirt design that me and the brother talked about and I am thinking: I went into the wrong line of work.

Over the weekend I cleaned up the desk in my room a little bit. I have my graphics tablet now in a new home on the desk and even set up my scanner on the computer (hadn't bothered to do that since it died a month or so back). Then I went and sketched out the design on a pad, inked it, scanned it in and started to tinker with it on the computer with the tablet.

With all those graphic tools what the hell am I doing working in a damn cubical in a job that doesn't pay well despite demanding more from you? I really should have just followed my own ideas of what I wanted to work as after school. The only thing is that because of choices I made I have some really good friends that I wouldn't want to trade. It makes it easier to realise that while I may have made a bad choice by going into computers in college at least I made a good choice based on the guys I now know as a result.

Still though, I am about to head off to the office to put in 8 to 9 hours of mind numbing boring shite when I would much rather be here working on the t-shirt.

How is it I get this "job change" feeling at roughly the same point every year? I am pretty sure this all cropped up last December as well.


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