Up up and...online


Mad last week, really mad. Work was hectic, out the door you might say, but it all ends well because Jester is now off on holidays until Jan 6th. I might as well be a teacher (to quote a teacher friend of mine).

It will give me time to get back into writing, get some drawing done, just not worry about work for a few days. Heading to Frankfurt for near year as well, so that should be good. I have only one present left to get for Christmas and then I am done and dusted on that too.

Lot of crazy personal shit happening these days as well, but I won't get into any of that. Usually I put up a bit, just to get it out of the head, but for now the blog is just a place holder for when I looked back sometime in the future.

Reason for the title: Submitted my first t-shirt design. Now we play the waiting game to see if I get any cash from it.

I also have a few idea for The Bauble, but more on that later. Christmas is coming and I need to add some new holes to my belt.


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