Seasons Greetings


Well, nothing really worth blogging about but I didn't want to not blog. Actually I am, as usually, using The Bauble as an excuse to avoid doing what I really should be doing. Writing little bits of code and now making an entry into it as well.

Ah procrastination, I will look up the meaning of that word later.

Anyway. Currently rewriting chapter five of my book and want to try get six started at least before Christmas Eve. Have all the Christmas shopping done and presents wrapped as well. Few hectic days ahead. Must try get over to my Grandfather later today (since it is past midnight now) as well as meet up with a friend who is over from Scotland for the holidays.

For New Year's Eve myself and some mates from college will be over in Frankfurt. Something different and very last minute, but sure that is half the fun of it all.

Oh, and in the video section there is a video of my latest gig. Old material but if you ever want to see me dying on my arse in a very bad way watch it. Toughest crowd I have come up against yet. If ever there was an incentive to write new and better material, that video is it.

In case I don't blog closer to the day, Happy Christmas to all and a Very Happy New Year.


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