Cows have the right idea...


...evolve you stupid humans. Evolve!!!!!

Four stomachs would have been really handy the last couple of days. I am not one to shirk away from over eating good food, but my mother appears to think that I don't eat the other fifty weeks during the year. The Everest sized portion that I had on Christmas Day, followed by a thick slice of cheesecake, would have been enough to feed me for a month. Then on Stephen's Day I had it again.

It was damn good. I was in a food coma. Even my migraine, which had flared up due to lack of proper sleep because the sitting room couch is awful for sleeping on, decided that I had enough to handle just eating and went away on its own.

Got some nifty presents, spent time with the family, and no real drama. It wasn't a bad old Christmas.

Next up, New Year's Eve (not near year as I said in a previous entry) in Frankfurt.

I'm going to need a holiday.


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