To anybody using Internet Explorer


Go and get yourself a better web browser for the love of god. I only remembered to test the site in that shit application this morning and the menu that I spent a day or so getting just right doesn't work. For this I am sorry, but I am not wasting my time hacking the code to get it looking as perfect as it does in firefox.

Go here and download an application that is both free and follows the internationally recognised rules for creating websites. If I get some spare time I will work on the IE problems but I wouldn't count on that anytime soon. Like I have said before, this site is fully written by me in a way and style that I like. I like that it works in firefox, so I will not bother supporting sub-standard applications.

In other news I have two gigs on now. One on the 13th of Feb and another on the 15th. Comedy Dublin texted me and offered me a slot. I have never performed for them before so this is a new experience. I will be using the same material from the Friday gig but anybody that wants to come along and support is more than welcome.

I'm tired. I think a nap is in order.


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