White Commute


So for the first time in a long time the entire island has snow falling from above. It looks nice, I even went out last night and took some pictures, because it is one of those rare things for this country. Like an actually sunny day in summer.

But my god the traffic chaos it caused last night.

Getting into work was fine. Nothing out of the ordinary, I was even five minutes early. But last night it was chaos.

I tried three different routes home, met each time with a wall of cars, before finally giving up and parking at the first McDonald's I could find that was open. I got some "food" and sat in my car watching a video on my IPod for two hours.

I left the office at six, went back to a friend's until eight (thinking the traffic would die down by then) and arrived home finally at eleven. Add to that that I had to call my dad to see if he could think of a route that I had overlooked, plus him calling me twice to see if I had survived or not, and it was a strange experience. I never understood why drivers hated driving in snow before. Now I do. Not to mention it was classed as a "Snow Storm" last night.

But I will remember the sage words of my dad: "Don't be using your heating too much because it will drain the battery on you. Lights on, heat on, wipers probably on, and not much moving will cause the battery to go flat and then you are stuck in a fast lane in a snow storm and everyone around you won't stop to help and will just hate you."

It was like a big hug!


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