Snow Way


This might be a lengthy rant. We shall see.

So, snow storm in Dublin the last few days. Looked really nice and all but was shit tricky to drive in. I had a minor adventure, as previously ranted about, involving a drive in the snow. Yesterday I had another.

My sister was stuck out where she works because the bus services had all called a halt to routes running through our area given the bad weather. So being the kind hearted jester that I am I drove out and picked her up to bring her back home. At one point in the trip I had to go around a street that ran near a park. Some little shits had blocked off the road with massive snow balls and were belting any cars that approached (because there was no way around at all).

This angered me some what, because I wanted to get home and the storm was still pretty bad. So I figured it was time for my sister to see just how insane I am.

I clicked the central locking, ensure all the windows were up, put the car into gear and just said "This is why I am called The Jester".

My sis didn't really understand until she saw me floor the car and drive straight towards the kids rather than the snow wall. I mounted the kerb, drove around the field, got stuck for a few minutes, then back off onto the road on the other side of the wall.

The look of terror on their faces will stay with me until I die. One of the shits stood in my way as I drove, convinced that I wasn't going to keep going. I don't think he realised how crazy I was until the car bounced up on the path and kept coming towards him.

As we drove off, ringing the police to let them know about the bastards, my sis was laughing and saying "You're crazy."

I'm not crazy.

I'm The Jester!


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