Things that scare me


So....I am working from home today because the weather was insane yesterday and I didn't want to risk getting stuck in work for hours on end again. Plus it is Friday and we all know that I prefer to WFH on a Friday if I am going to do it any day.

Sadly neither myself nor H have done a food shop in a while so the cupboards are pretty bare. I jumped into the car and drove to the shop to get some grub for my lunch. While there I encountered two things that scared me.

One: Shopping during the day in a local supermarket is like watching Dawn of the Nearly Dead perform a mating dance. The place was packed with ancient ones pushing well into their hundreds shuffling, yes shuffling, around the store. What's worse? They had a trolley that they just pushed along in front of them as they ambled about the place. Stopping suddenly for no reason, moving left while looking right, trying to go down an aisle that already has for of these ancient ones parked and having a natter, thus blocking the entire aisle.

How I didn't hasten their departure to the great beyond is a mystery which I will solve later.

Two: I saw a bottle of water being sold for 45 euro. That's right, 45 euro. Somebody has made a glass bottle, filled it with water, called it "Bling" and is trying to sell it for 45 euro. I just know there is a joke in there somewhere for the next comedy routine. I was so in disbelieve I snapped a pic on my phone.


In other news, the new comedy club opens tonight. Going to go in and check it out. Should be a good night.


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