Poseidon Comedy Club


Was in at the new club last night. He has done a good job setting it up. It is more comedy club like and less function room like.

The Neptune used to be set up just as it always was. A few benches hammered into place and then standing room all around. It was good and dark and dank but very hard for the audience to see the stage if they were in the back.

This new location has a much more open area, with the stage in a perfect position and little tables all over the place. Fingers crossed that it gets a good foot hold in the new location, because I hadn't realised how boring my Friday nights were without a comedy club to hang out in.

Of course now I have to focus on finishing my material for next week. Nearly there, just fine tuning and practising at this stage. Will try and get a video of the event up on the site for anybody that can't make it.

Some background stuff done to the site as well. You probably won't even notice it, but it is getting better and better.

Also watching the Irish match in the 2009 Six Nations. Jesus it is an intense game. At this point, as in the very moment I am writing this entry, in time there is just under four minutes to go and the scores are close (27-21 to Ireland).

Got to love rugby.


Awesome. They won against France. Not an easy thing. 30-21 to the boys in Green. Go on!


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