Need tunes?


Check out this cool site I stumbled across today.

It might not be a new idea, but it is funky. Basically you pick your genre of music you want to listen to, select a max and min value for the years you want to pick from, pick the mood you are currently in (all of these are optional by the way but to get the full effect use them) and it will generate a web (as in spider web) of songs based on your choices.

Then it will start to play them for you. It is very cool I think.

As the songs play you can alter the choices or if you like a particular song that is currently being played you click it and the web will update with new songs similar to the current one.

Handy if you forget your iPod, or better still have no idea what music fits your current mood.

If you make an account (there is a free one and a pay one, no difference really except the pay account has no ads) you can even tag songs. You like one, dislike another, and the site will no present that song the next time around.

It's even an interesting way of discovering new bands or styles of music.

I also rewrote my comedy material yesterday. I get to the first joke a bit quicker now and I think that will help me on the night. Two days to go.

At least after this weekend I can get back to finishing the book, writing my story and sketching. Comedy takes a little more time than it should. Probably because I accept gigs before I write material and then have to devote loads of time to practice it.

I am nothing if not a glutton for punishment.


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