Blog to hide the pain


Well actually I am blogging to avoid work. I am writing some crazy code for the job at the minute at I need a break and the bauble is close to hand for that. Thank god.

Some thoughts I have been having about the site and adding a new feature. I have to be honest, I don't care what anyone thinks, I really like the new look of it. The jester head alone looks much better than before.

Any thoughts on that? Leave a comment.

I have some ideas, like I said, about adding new things to the site. The list is as follows:

1) Maybe funk up the comment post section, although it works fine it could look nicer.

2) Once I get gig number one out of the way tomorrow night I might scan in some of my pictures and add a section under the "Random Stuff" menu. As a few folk have pointed out, it doesn't really do anything at the moment. This of course means either adding a gallery or, as always happens, writing my own gallery code.

3) Podcast? I was thinking about this, I might start doing a podcast once a month, or maybe even twice a month. Not that I have any real reason to, but it could be another reason for you to visit the site. I might invite a mate around and have us talk about something, a set topic, and record it for the site. That one is a slow burner, I'll get back to ya on it.

4) The webcomic. It is still burning a hole in my skull, I haven't forgotten about it. Just need to clear some other projects off my plate first.

Anyway that is that, rant over and done with. I am going back to work now. Two more hours to go and then I am breaking speed limits to get home.


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