End of the Comedy Weekend


Just back from my second gig. It just goes to show that no matter how one gig goes, no matter how strong you think your material is, it can all go a bit crapwards when you repeat that performance.

Got up on stage tonight and used the exact same material as from the video, with an added joke as well, and instead of the laughs I got on Friday there was more of an up and down. Some punchlines got massive laughter, others got none at all.

There was a smaller crowd at this one (possibly ten people if I was being honest) and, of course, sitting front row was one person that clearly didn't want to be there. She sat with a puss on her face the entire set, which was very distracting because when people around her are laughing all I could focus on was her look of contempt.

But overall it wasn't a total failure, just not as big a hit as the other night was. I did get talking with a comic that had been at the Friday gig. He said that one of my jokes (the elongated swearing) wasn't funny on Friday but he found it really good tonight. Sort of odd because I didn't change it one dot, maybe it was one of those slow burning types.

Anyway that's the weekend gig over and done with. Next one is on the 26th of Feb.

Loads of time to write more/polish current material.

Also, does anybody know how to sort out the lights on your dials in a car? It appears mine have died and that just makes obeying the speed limits at night a little tricky. Mainly because I can't see the damn dial.


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