Radio Silence


When I was driving into the gig on Sunday night I noticed that the dials in my car were not lit. I thought that maybe the bulbs had blown (which would be a pain to get replaced) and made a note to check it out when I got a chance.

That chance came last night. I figured I would check the fuses before dismantling the car and luckily that was what was wrong, one of the fuses that completes the light circuit was blown. It was a 7.5 fuse, I had a spare 10, plugged it in and all is well. I will pick up a proper one later.

Only thing is as I was trying to figure out what fuses where what, based on the diagram that was in French, I pulled an incorrect fuse by mistake. This one just happened to go to the radio.

When I got everything working again I turned the radio on and it had reset. Both the clock and a request for a code to be entered.

Shit balls right now, because I never got the code from the dealer when I bought the car. There is no code anywhere in any of the docs either.

Before I go on the code for my car is 0531.

How did I find this? I took it out of the cradle and took all the numbers off it. Then I emailed it to this crowd:, telling them the full details of the radio make, car make and year, and all the numbers

Within half an hour I got an email back with that code above, and it worked. This is a free service as well, they just request a donation if the code works afterwards.

I was looking at radio silence on any driving in my near future and thanks to those dudes that ain't happening now.

I have no luck with cars, but they certainly helped turn it around somewhat.


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