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I have a few things to talk about.

First off go read this. Now, for the non-tech heads I will clear the article up a little. Basically it is about people downloading songs from the internet but not using things like iTunes (stealing for want of a better word). The problem is the website itself isn't doing anything illegal other than pointing you at another computer somewhere in the world with what you want. If, right now, they took all the servers away they wouldn't find any songs, just files that say "The Jester's computer has those songs, download from there". It is a very thin legal loophole, but these guys are sooo going to win the case.

Second, people of Ireland listen up. It is the fucking pedal on the right! Jesus Christ I have no idea how people don't know this. To make the car move, use that pedal. I don't condone speeding by any means but if you are doing 20 in a 60 you are going to start pissing people off. Add to that fact that you didn't FUCKING INDICATE AT THE ROUNDABOUT and you might boil the blood of the jester driving behind you.

Third, I have some pictures I want to throw up on the site. I am going to make a gallery section (again) and it will be found under Random Stuff. Don't go clicking just yet, it isn't there, I will let you know when it is.

Fourth, is anybody else having trouble sleeping these days? I can't get to sleep until three in the morning and I have tried everything.

Also I need to get back into writing again, now that comedy is over for a few weeks I have to start hitting my word count and doing my rewrites.

It's all go.


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