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Well I got the brother's website finished off, at last. It has been sitting on my to do list for far too long considering that I wrote the new bauble in a weekend and should have finished his first. But he is happy with it so that is all that matters.

Now I just need to get back into writing. I took this weekend off to catch up on some odd jobs that needed doing. One of which was watching "There Will Be Blood" which my brother got me for my birthday last month and I hadn't had a chance to watch. It is a very good movie, go forth and get yourself a copy of it.

A very special chronicle is up today. It is one that doesn't involve H saying something stupid, which is special for a start.

Also in comedy news I was offered a twenty minute slot at a new comedy club on Thursday nights. It is going to be good, I have made a late new year resolution to get more gigs under my belt than I have done last year.

Plus I spilt hot tea over myself today and all my mother could do was nearly shit herself laughing.

Parents can be so cruel!


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