Why I don't Twitter


There are a number of reasons. Most of all is because I ain't a bird so I don't go twit, ergo no twitter.

Actually that was just a lame joke I thought on the way home. See I was asked to join twitter the other day by a friend of mine in Italy and I didn't join for a few reasons.

1) Keeping up with Facebook and Bebo is enough work as is. My siblings all use Bebo and everyone else I know online uses Facebook. Some people even use both. So it becomes a slight chore to keep them all updated semi-regularly.

2) I have this wonderful little site that I really enjoy using. I know it isn't be best written thing in the world, I know it isn't as cool as some things online, but it is mine and I would rather use it than something else.

3) Most everyone I would keep in touch with on twitter visits The Bauble before talking to me, then asking me do I have any news despite just reading it. But the main reason, the big number one reason is this


That's right. In general if I sign up to a website I use blue_jester or some combination of it. The_blue_jester is a popular one, as is thejester. All the combos I could have used were taken and even though it is only a name I hate adding a number after it to just get a login name. But worst of all is that the bastard who took bluejester emailed offering me the name for a fee.

That's right, some nobhead must have saw either the site or just grabbed the name on the off chance and then mailed every combination of email, from hotmail to gmail, offering me the name.

So no, I will not nor ever shall twitter. Sorry to the folks that invite me, but it ain't happening.

Also did anybody see that Eircom has just announced they are going to ban websites that allow music downloads? Ban, as in block, as in if you are with Eircom and enter the address it will not let you access the site. Does this not seem a little "Big Brother" like to anybody? Freedom of speech sort of stuff? China does the exact same thing with what is called "The Great Firewall of China". They actually block any and all websites that do not agree with their policies and views on the world. Now Eircom is doing the same thing because the Music Industry told them to.

The Great Wall of China (as in the actual one) started by laying one brick. What next for Eircom? Blocking porn sites? News websites that disagree with Cowen's views? Yes by all means prevent illegal downloads, it is theft after all, but there is a right and wrong way of doing things and this is wrong.


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