Not Good


I really suck at helping people through a grieving stage it seems. I just have no skills in this area at all. I even know why I suck at it so badly but that doesn't change the fact that I feel so useless.

My brain is a puzzle solver and a solution finder. But when it comes to death and dying there really isn't a solution that is going to be make things easier.

I try to distract the person with inane babble, with jokes, with conversations about trivial topics. But none of that is really what they want and yet I can't find the right thing to say to make them feel better.

What's worse is at the moment two people are stuck with my bad skills. One is a friend that I have know for ages and I can't help her pull out of the current funk she is in and the other is somebody I care a lot about. While the latter doesn't involve death it does involve a horrible situation and I just suck at making it better for her.

Perhaps there is a course that morons like me can be sent on to teach us how to be better suited to help those people you really care about.


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