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The other day I got to thinking about some things that are going on in the life of The Jester lately. One of those things revolved around a sudden realisation of something and then the hilarious utterance from myself as I came to the conclusion.

It all centred around one person. I have no idea what sparked the thought process in my mind or why I was even thinking about them, but I let the soup meander through itself as it usually does and came to a conclusion that somewhat shocked me.

Honestly, whatever about not knowing what other people are thinking. Shouldn't you at least know what you, yourself, are thinking? Or feeling? All that inner stuff is meant to make you the person you are.

So the conclusion that was presented, while good, did come as a little bit of a surprise and I may have uttered the phrase "Oh crap..." to myself out of shock.

What's funny is the person in question recently came to a similar conclusion about me, also uttering "Oh crap..." as the cold dawning of an idea appeared.

It's a funny old world really, more so when the people in it have no idea about themselves.


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