We Voted For These Idiots


Just going through the usual tech head websites that I read from day to day and came across this wonderful article.

This is, yet again, a clear sign of people that do not understand technology or how it works. Except this time it is yet another money making idea from morons that don't understand how things work. You can't just call a computer a television and get away with it. There are a number of factors to consider on this.

This is, oddly enough, coming into effect just as soon as Rte launches their little "iPlayer" application (watch all those dreadful Rte shows, created using your license money, now online). Funny how the second a possible cause of revenue loss comes along they need to amend a bill.

I have always been a little miffed at having to pay that license anyway. It's not that big a chunk of change at the end of the day, but I don't get a service from Rte, I get it from Magnet. I pay Magnet for providing me with channels, and think Rte only gets a look in when the telly gets turned on first thing. But you just grin and bear it.

But this "electronic device" rubbish is a flood gate. This covers iPods that can play videos and even mobile phones. Imagine if they start requiring you buy a license every time you get a new phone. As it stands you are technically meant to have a license for every telly in your house (or at least somebody once told me that, that may not be the case anymore).

There are two problems with this stupidity of course, tech problems that the Government will want to fully understand before they try and charge people money.

Problem 1) It is very possible that whoever you get broadband/internet from will block a site that allows you to watch television shows (given that whole Pirate Bay fiasco going on) and thus, despite the device being capable of receiving this information, you won't actually get this information. Will you have to pay then?

Problem 2) People in the world of money making rarely have proper tech head training. As noted a few times on this site there are more operating systems out there for computers other than Windows. However, things like iPlayers from television stations will only work on a Windows computer, even though you don't install software. This is because they are poorly written and the code checks if you have Windows only, not that you can play videos. For example, I use Linux all the time. If I try to watch anything on rte.ie it tells me my browser is not supported. So will people like me, who have chosen a "non-standard" operating system still have to pay this shit despite not being able to reap the benefits?

There really does need to be a new minister in Government (hell they fucking have enough of them what's one more) but the person needs to understand technology and be the person that makes these choices and decisions with an informed mind. Rather than a "let's ass rape people a little more" mind.

I place myself up for election for Minister of Somebody That Actually Understands How Computers and The Internets Work Thus Meaning I Won't Make Stupid Bills Like This.

The actual title might need a little work, but I will do the job for one fifth of what a junior minister makes.


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