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This post is part promise, part personal and part random other stuff.

I suppose an update on the current standing in the life of the Jester is called for. For a start there is a new lady on the scene (if the previous post wasn't a hint at that fact already). She has been on the scene for a few weeks now (time concept and all that) and things are going, in lay man's terms, brilliant. Turns out she is also a bit of a wise ass, ergo previous rant being created when she was left alone with my laptop for five seconds.

One hilarious thing about her is that she has pulled a few stunts like this (one time texting H a message from my phone that involved hugs being mentioned. Who would believe that could ever have come from me?) is that an uncontrollable laughter comes over her. When asked the simple question "What did you do?" the laughs turn to panicked laughs. It's sort of a give away in itself, but there ya have it.

All in all though she is a great lady and has brightened up the Jester's day no end.

In other news I have two weddings to go to in the very near future. One of them being held just down the road from where I live (making that a nice handy one) and the other being in New York (giving me an excellent excuse to indulge in a little trip stateside again this summer. As if you need an excuse to go to New York).


Apparently this post has resulted in many comments on the current standing of my levels of emotion. For years I have claimed to be "dead inside". Supposedly merely saying that this new lady is very important to me negates that claim.

You let a few people know you are happy and suddenly everybody knows that you have emotions.


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