Crap Gear: Update


Well, it looks like Crap Gear may not be going ahead after all. I can't tell you how disappointed I am on this front because it was something that I was really looking forward to.

There are a few reasons for this.

Reason one: Noel Dempsey is a dickhead. You may see a pattern forming with my opinion of that tool.

Reason two: The motor tax office is ran by a bunch of morons. The original plan for the cars was to get them and transfer our insurance over to them for the trip (since we all have insurance polices already for our proper cars). Road tax was the other issue. Since Ireland only lets you tax a car for a minimum of three months and we only need three days some phone calls were needed. You would think I was trying to pull a fast one or something. How sad a person would you have to be to try and tax your actual car for free by claiming it is for charity? How many people honestly do that? Not to mention the fact that I constantly said/requested that the tax, for charity, was only needed for a MAXIMUM of THREE days and after that we would be illegal anyway. That they could issue discs that literally had THREE days of tax on them. But no, they were too busy fucking their mothers and sisters or something to understand this basic concept so that was a spanner that needed a work around. The workaround was we tax them for three months and then claim a refund after the trip.


Reason three: This new NCT bullshit crapology that I ranted on a few weeks back means the cars no longer can be under the one hundred euro limit. To get them working with had the budget of 100 euro, that was purchase and repairs total. If they need to pass an NCT as well they are fucked right and proper, since they won't pass without some major repairs.

So basically, in Ireland, if you want to do ANYTHING for charity that also has a little bit of fun in it for yourself, you can't. Because the Government doesn't care about helping people with Cystic fibrosis or any other horrible illness, they just care that they can still get paid insane amounts of money for doing very little.

On a lighter note, we have two new chronicles for you people. Been nearly a month, then I get two in one day.



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