Clear Head


Finally getting rid of that shitting migraine from yesterday. I have no idea what brought it on. All the usual triggers have been marked off the list. Not stressed, not tired, not hungry, not after eating something that causes them. It was just one of those rat bastard sneaky feckers that came along and decided to claim my entire day.

I am working from home today, which isn't being as productive as I thought it would be because I still have the tail end of the pain in my head. But it isn't any worse than yesterday and at least my stomach is in agreement with me once again.

Is it really Wednesday? Migraine days that claim the best part of my time usually cause the time concept to get worse for a while. Hell my laptop had the wrong time in it (it was an hour slow) and I was really confused how people were all emailing me from the future.

Maybe I should stay off the pills for a bit.

Other news. My little brother has once again brought up the topic of funny t-shirt designs. We have set up a store at cafepress and will be uploading designs in the near future. I will keep you posted about that development.


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