Crap Drawing


God almighty you really do need to keep your pencil skills up to scratch. Back in my school days I used to be a pretty decent drawer. One of the few things I could do in art class was copy a photo using pencils only, shade it perfectly and all. I was never one for colouring, mainly because it took too long to colour things in.

Also because I had developed the lazy habit of drawing in pencil, scanning it into a computer and then colouring it that way.

Then as school finished and college and work took over my drawing became far and few in between. Recently I decided to get back into it, sketching and doodling and the likes. I even tried to draw a picture the other day using a photo.

To say the end product sucks is an understatement. I seem to have just lost any skills that I had.

A lot of practise is in my future I guess. Ah well, least it will be good to flex the old art muscles again.


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