Serious Business


Or...Jester's Guide to Handling Big Life Events.

Despite the bravado, the cockiness, the ability to get up on stage with a microphone and try and make people is a well known fact that I am not good at two things in life. I call these "Big Life Events". One of these big events happened recently and I sort of ended up in the deep end of things.

Which made me slightly feel outta place, or just plain in the way of things if I was being fully honest.

See, without going into too much details, I wound up at a large family event that wasn't made up of my family. My own family I can handle, because I know them, but somebody else's family, not so much. Making things a tidbit awkward was that my natural instinct in any situation is to not do the serious stuff and instead make jokes or funny statements. This event would have made such behaviour really really out of place, so I had to try and tone it all down as much as I could. Which meant that I really wasn't sure what to say to certain people.

So I may have ended up sitting at a table nice and quiet like, more getting in the way than doing anything else.

So top survival tip number: When in a situation like that, don't try and just blend into the background. Grab a towel or grab a dish cloth and get yourself a good spot by the sink.

See I saw more cups of tea being made and drunk at this thing than I reckon have ever been made in the history of the world. Tea when drunk leaves behind a dirty cup, a dirty cup needs washing and drying. If said cup does not get washed, wash it, if it has been washed and it is wet then dry it. Doing this simple act makes two things happen.

First, you get your ass out of being a lump in an awkward position and getting in the way, thus helping yourself not feel useless.

Second, you actually get more thanks and praise than is needed for doing a simple everyday act.

Turns out that the simplest of acts make a huge deal to people dealing with something that is hard to deal with.


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