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Got taken to the new "Star Trek" last night, have to say I was mightily impressed.

Being a tech head, or geek as some members of society call me, I enjoy sci-fi quite a bit. While I was growing up, all them years ago, one thing that my Dad and me bonded over was Star Trek on the television. It was awesome, stupid, fun, mind popcorn. After the shows I got hooked on the old movies and still to this day one of my most prized possessions is a boxset (we're talking VHS tapes here people) of the old movies with Kirk in them.

Like anything I moved on with the times. Liked the next series, hated the ones that followed, enjoyed most of the newer movies but still figured they weren't as good.

Then along comes this new one. I was a little on the "it's going to blow huge donkey balls" side of things, because it looked like "Star Trek: Saved by the bell". Not to mention that I think the dude behind it would just have gone and made another "Lost", something that started good but ended shit.

Turns out I was way off the mark. It was awesome, from a tech head point of view. I reckon even people that hate that sort of movie would enjoy it. The great thing about it is they seem to have struck some sort of almost Holy Grail like balance.

Never watched any Star trek before? This movie takes you into account and doesn't expect you to.

Watched the olds ones over the years? This movie has a few little jokes thrown in just for you.

Stood firm that it would destroy the entire set of previous movies? Not a chance, they not only explain how that isn't happening, they also explain why.

Basically this is Star Trek for a new generation, but one that happily appeased all the old die hard fans as well. It gets many jester hats if I had such a review system in place.


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