Apparently I will Twitter


I know I said I would not twitter because of that scum hole that had taken my name, but another friend of mine that has a website gave me an idea. A twitter account for the website rather than for you.

Since I do hope to really get that comic off the ground and on the site I figured that that wasn't such a bad idea at all at all. So there we have it, featured on the main page is my twitter in all its stupid glory.

I really can't see a perfect use for it just yet, other than to have rants that are only 140 characters in length. Maybe if I got the phone side of things working it would make a bit more sense to have.

What do you think of the placement? I am in two minds about it. On one half I think that it looks alright where it is. On the other I think that it takes up a little too much room.

Meh, off for the weekend now to mark the fall of a fellow man as he shackles his leg to a woman from now until death does them part.

If any of the other messers on this trip have anything to say about it he might risk that death a little sooner than planned.


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