Gotta show love to the rants


I wasn't exactly happy with the Twitter output being on the main page of the site, sort of felt like it was taking up a little bit too much room. So I have moved it off and restored the main page back to its former self. As one person said, the rants might start to feel unloved with all that going on on one page.

So the current plan is this. The twitter output can still be viewed from The Bauble, but you have to click to another page to view it. I will probably end up doing a cheat of sorts and have the tweets be mini updates for the page the twitter output now lives on.

Also, since so many people have asked about this since the site was updated/overhauled, the "Random Stuff" link now works. It just goes to a new page that is the temporary home of the twitter stuff, but there ya have it.

Actually that might become the permanent home, who knows.

In the not so distant future I want to get the drawing gallery, as in a gallery of my drawings, up and working and will use the Random Stuff page to give that a home as well.

Anyway, I should probably be doing proper work. Like the sort they pay me for, not just fixing up my own stuff on company time.

Also, I hate Mondays.


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