It took nearly two years


...but finally somebody caught me out. So here, for your viewing pleasure, is the very first "Jester Chronicle". It was originally in the comments section, posted by my girlfriend, but I figured storing it out here would be nice as well.

See, I can take a slagging just as bad as I give them. Of course this is not exactly as the conversation happened, she took vast liberties with some lines. Although in my defence I have stated before that I have no concept of time. It just seems that maths is not my niche market either at the moment.

Without further delay.

The Jester's Bauble presents, in association with Blue Jester and K Comments

The Jester Chronicle

Ok since you constantly post H's 'foot in mouth' instances on this thing it is only fair that now you have really put YOUR foot in it that the same be done to you. I shall call it Jester tales lol

The Cast

B - blue jester
gf - poor gal that puts up with jester or in laymans terms, the girlfriend.

The scene - gf and B are on gmail chat discussing first job wages and savings when B decides to try and work out how much he earns an hour

B - hold on, there is no way i can earn XXX amount an hour!

gf - thats a hell of alot are you sure that is right

B - yeah i worked it out from my monthly wage, besides i am always right

gf - no harm to ya, but something doesnt add up there

b - it is right, monthly wage divided by 39, because I can't count all the extra hours since that varies

gf - u work more than 39 hours a month,

u work 39 hours a week u wally

B - oh yea

gf at this point has everyone in her office staring at her as she is rolling about the floor laughing

gf - DUH!

B - opps

Ladies and gents, revenge is sweet, i just hope this comment stays up long enough for H to see :)

Hope you all enjoyed the show.


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