Some stuff to add sitewise


Now that the Random Stuff link actually does something, rather than just sit there and taunt people with its clickable-do-nothing-ness, I have had a few ideas for the site.

In no particular order and most likely only going to be done based on levels of ease for me, here is a list of stuff I would like to do.

1: Maybe add a Writing section to the Random Stuff page and pop up some of the short stories I have written over the last year or any new stories I have.

2: Change how the old rants are displayed, maybe in a calendar format rather than a long list.

3: That damn gallery of artwork I keep meaning to put up. I have the code nearly finished, just not happy with how it works yet.

4: Fix up the comments section, it has been the same since the first day nearly and since the overhaul last summer I have kept meaning to fix that up.

5: Anything else that pops into my head while I do the above four.

6: Because you can't finish a list on an odd number. Gotta love a little OCD.

Which more or less is that. I might also add in a page somewhere that has links to all my other online accounts. Facebook, Bebo, Roosterteeth, that sorta thing. Not the porn ones though, those sites don't like when people share passwords for some reason. Something about losing money.

Also, honest to God, this is scary stuff. That's just around the corner from my Mam's house.


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