Jester's Bauble - Two Years Young


Today, two years ago, I posted my first rant on this website. Back then the site looked a lot different. Cartoon like menu text and a comments section that didn't even work.

Now here I am two years later, with a comment section that barely works and over two hundred rants about nothing of importance. God bless the Internet.

I was never one for this who blogging thing, but once you get into it you do get a little addicted to it. Not that anybody in the world reading this site is remotely interested in the goings on in my life, but there ya have it. Now that I have The Bauble I couldn't imagine getting rid of it. It has lived on three different servers in the last two years and only in the last year gotten a proper domain name and not just relied upon the usual redirection tricks online. It has entertained and annoyed people and on one rare occasion even helped people.

It is a little spot of the web that the rules don't apply to.

In other news, I saw a play of The Shawshank Redemption last night. To say it was awesome would be an understatement. It wasn't just a straight book-to-movie-to-stage adaption, it had its own bits added to it and things changed around a little, but it was damn near a perfect telling of the tale as I have ever seen.

This from a fan of both book and movie.

If you are floating around Dublin in the next month, try and see this play. It is important, something that people should get a chance to see.


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