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Well it has been entirely too long, but finally, the wait is over.

We have new Chronicles people. Hop right on over to get the latest three read and see how the madness has once again surfaced. Not to mention that I have two more chronicles in the stockpile waiting to be typed up for your reading pleasure. But that is for tomorrow, too much of a good thing and all that.

Also, just because I figured it would be nice to have, you can now add comments to chronicles just like rants. It should work just as easy as with the rants, but if anybody spots something not working will you leave a comment on this rant so that I can fix it. Mucho thanko - (this phrase is attributed to Shortie).

I have also uploaded a new t-shirt design in the gallery section. It might not be for everybody, but some people find it funny. With any luck I should have the sample t-shirts that I ordered sometime this week. When they arrive I will upload photos of them to the "iRock" gallery so people can see their awesomeness.

Next on the coding front I plan to let images have comments made on them as well. Then the site will be a fully commentable (is that even a word?) site and all will be commented in my world.

Now I go in search of tea.


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