Post Arrived


Well, the package finally arrived. No not the one containing a brown box and dubious material to be watched in a dark room alone with the curtains drawn.

That's next week.

No the package that I have been looking forward to for a few weeks now. The sample t-shirts I ordered from the company we will possibly use for the t-shirt store.

I uploaded some images in the gallery (link at the top). I gave them their own album rather than just add them to the existing iRock one.

In other news I am doing some work on the site in the background (as bloody always it seems). I started working on the subscription service that some people requested. In the interest of making it as good as possible I came up with two ideas. When you sign up there will be an option to have the entire rant emailed to you or just an email telling you a new rant was uploaded and you can come to the site whenever.

I also just got my first report from Google Analytics today. I signed up to the service and added in the code last week and it is actually funky (from the geek perspective of course) to see all the different info it gives back. From where in the world people visit me, to what OS and browser they use, to even how long a visitor spends on a given page.

But less of that and more of this work lark, apparently that is what they pay me to do.


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anonymouse | 09-08-2009

So now you have started stalking your stalkers?!

blue_jester | 09-08-2009

Well, it was too hard the old way :)

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