All Change


After swearing to never do it again, I went ahead and did it. Welcome to the new look "The Jester's Bauble", complete with a little favourite icon now for your bookmarking pleasure. Still working out a few little tweaks that I want but more or less happy with the overall design.

Except of course in Internet Explorer. Yet again I am baffled out how people still use that to browse the web. For some unknown reason the one on my computer has loaded up a mish mash of old and new site, despite none of the old files still being there. So for anybody reading this using that god awful application (if you even can read it) do yourself a favour and go and get Firefox. Because honest to god I can't be bothered trying to get it working. Then again IE 6 is outdated now at this stage anyway, so I shouldn't really need to go to any magical efforts.

A few things you might notice. The menu has changed a little, now it has nice drop down menues for selecting sub pages on those few pages that have need of such a feature.

The "Random" page has been removed. Don't worry it will be coming back again. Somebody did point out that I used it only for having Twitter on it and despite saying I was going to upload the gallery there I ended up giving the Gallery it's own spot on the menu. My new plan for that page will be revealed soon.

Still working on a subscription element to the site as well, but that is taking time to test properly to ensure that it works as I want it to.

I am pretty sure the new site look works well enough but as usual if anybody spots anything let me know, it was a late night update so I may have missed something. Also any feeback would work well too, see if you like the new look or not.

One thing I plan on doing is replacing the black around the page with a picture/image of some sort. That is only a temporary thing for the moment.

With that I am going to hit the sack. Have had a week long migraine that was killing me today and I reckon a few hours in the land of nod should fix that rightly.


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