Back online...sorta


Right, after finding a good solid three hours to sit down and work on it, I managed to get large chunks of the site back up online again. However even bigger sections are still being worked on. Like the chronicles and the guestbook to name but two. Not to mention that the black outline is only a temporary thing, I had a much nicer plan for that before putting the site live again, should get around to that by the weekend.

In the long run I will get all of the sections back up online again but for the minute I am going to settle for these little small graces and not question it any further.

Seriously, remind me the next time that I decide to redo the look of the web site that this was the worst idea I ever had.

On the up side I was able to use this nightmare situation to get some mega code changes put in place behind the scenes. One big change will, in theory, make the creation of an RSS feed for the site much easier to do, as well as the subscription service that was mentioned a few rants back.

But that will be at least a month in the future because I think my head is melted after all the coding I have had to do in the last few days just to get the site nearly working again.

Just like the Government of Ireland, a lot done. More to do.

Except only one of us is doing a good job and the smart money isn't on the guys in Leinster House.


blue_jester | Fri, 21 Aug 09 09:56:17 +0100

Not one bit. Well there still is actually, but with the main bulk of the site back up and running why keep it to myself.

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