Just back from a weekend trip to Tullamore with the girlfriend (she was working and had gotten a nice hotel so it sorta made sense) and decided to give the new phone a full workout.

The workout in question was the GPS feature on the Nokia 5800, the main reason I bought the phone truth be told.

The original application that came with it was Nokia Maps 2.0, which automatically updated to 3.0 when I connected the phone to computer to restore all my contact details. Now, this application is fine for having a look at where you currently are, but the second you try for a "step by step" direction guide it becomes a useless shitload. Mainly because it tries to charge you for this feature.

I just bought the phone, I shouldn't have to fork out cash for a feature that is the phones main selling point.

So that was that one ticked off the list.

Next up was Google Maps. Sadly googlemaps seems to be unable to work without a wifi connection or a valid GSM internet connection, despite seeing 15 GPS satellites at any given time.

So along to Garmin Mobile XT. I have to say, I was well impressed with this.

Step by step instructions, easy to use interface, integration with the mobile itself so that phone calls and texts can be displayed or taken while the map is still on screen. It really is the best application to get for the Nokia 5800, or any smartphone, if you are considering using it as a GPS device as well. It had be back from Tullamore (the only good thing about that place being the road back to Dublin) within an hour no problems.

In other news, site updates are still in progress. I do plan on ranting about the whys and wherefores of the recent work on the site, so when I get everything back in working order that rant will get posted.

Until then, enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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