Almost Finished


I nearly have the new "Chronicle" code in place, so that should be back up online within the next day or so. Once that is completed then The Bauble is officially back online and I can take a break from coding.

Never before have I had so much work to do on the site.

The upside is that at least the big changes in the background will make setting up a subscription feature and an RSS feed a hell of a lot easier. But not happening any time soon.

Made some small changes to the menu last night as well. I got to thinking about how much work it will be to get the drop down working as it should in IE7 and figured it was too much work to be done for one shoddy coded application. However I can't just ignore that people might still be using it. So I redesigned the menu. Now it no longer does a drop down for those pages that might require a few extra menu items. Instead the main menu bar will adjust accordingly. For the minute this can only be seen on the "Guestbook" because that is the only page that needs another item, but the "Chronicles" will also use feature as well once they get uploaded.

Overall I am really happy with how the new site looks. Anybody else want to chime in on how they think it has turned out leave a comment at the end of the rant.

Actually we are finished. Everything that was online is back online, thank God for that.


HF | Thu, 27 Aug 09 11:00:23 +0100

I dont see chronicles when I look at the Bauble. Yes, I use IE7, so sue me.

blue_jester | Thu, 27 Aug 09 12:03:20 +0100

What do you mean, sure it's right there in the menu between "Rants" and "Videos"

No, I won't sue you. I just won't fix it :)

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