For some unknown reason I am not sleeping right at all the last few nights. Not entirely sure what the cause is, all I know is that when I wake up I am almost more tired than when I went to bed. It's almost like I am not sleeping when I go to sleep, just closing my eyes for a few hours. Very strange.

Finally have everything back up online.

Random page is there in all its new glory. Also added in a little contact option in the menubar, just in case somebody wants to email me sometime.

I also had to fix the comment checking code last night. Turns out I forgot to add back in the check to ensure that a person was commenting and not just getting spammed. I had twnety one comments last night from a user by the name of "Zrewgreg8erg8" which were full of insightful pearls of wisdom. So that is all fixed now, should make it a little harder in the future for the bots to do that again.

Now that that major update is over and done with I can get back to the important projects I had going on. Like seeing that blade of grass grow with the paint on it. It was crazy.

Roll on half five. The weekend shall have a vast amount of sleeping involved.


Tags: rant

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