Well despite promising myself that I would take most of this weekend off website work I did do some website work.

First and foremost I want to announce that I have added an RSS feed to the website. Now for all you people too lazy to check every couple of days to see if the site has had a new rant uploaded you can subscribe to the RSS feed with whatever reader you prefer and away it goes.

Secondly I have the website working perfectly in IE7 now. Before it was working "ok", or as "ok" as is possible to manage with a sub standard non compliant heap of shit like that application. But with a little extra coding the site now looks the exact same in IE7 as in does in IE8, which looks exactly the same in Firefox. IE6 and IE5 people...I'm sorry, I just can't spend any more time working on tiny code hacks to support you. You will be missed.

Now I go in search of food, for I am hungry.


Daryl | Mon, 31 Aug 09 09:55:54 +0100

I'm subscribed!

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