Yes It's Gig Night


I was going to break into song with that title but I have decided against this course of action. Mainly because I can't sing, can't dance and am enjoying my cup of tea too much to risk spilling it.

Anyroad, I have a gig on tonight. New comedy club that has opened up in Rathmines. It is running on a night that puts it up against two other clubs that run on Thursdays but sure we shall see what we shall see. Having a slot on opening night is always a good thing.

Running with my old set for this one as well. New set just isn't quite there yet, not to mention that lately time is something I have nothing of. I am either working, sleeping, migraining or moving.

Although the move is finally over. I have all the stuff physically in the new apartment, now it's just a matter of unpacking the last box and throwing out a load of rubbish and crap. Even got the computer desk all set up last night and re-cabled and all the bits are working again. Was a little concerned that I may have destroyed the monitor from a few bumps it got during the move, but it's a tough little bastard.

Once the last of the rubbish is thrown out it's onto the landlord about a missing bed and some other bits and bobs, but overall stress levels are subsiding. God almighty moving really is the most stressful thing a person can do. I always thought it was a joke, but fuck no.

Oh, I might get a video of the gig tonight for uploading later on. Who knows, I will see what I will see.

Another thing that I am considering is adding in a new gallery section. At the minute we all know how the gallery works and there is nothing wrong with it, but I am a tinkering sort of person. I might add a "Sketchpad" section, just for stuff from my sketchpad that never makes it out of the pad. No rush on this feature (FEATURE CREEP) but it will be a new item on the menu in the gallery section so you can wait for that to crop up and see how it goes. It won't be much different to the current gallery, just less finished style products.

Better go and do some work. Stupid work!


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